Canzoni in silenzio 

My Dear Killer vs. Bob Corn

Canzoni in silenzio
Limited edition of 175 copies cassette in heavy-rugged cardboard sleeve with handmade stamps on and pro-printed card inlay Price: 8 €
Download (MP3/FLAC ) Price: 6.50 €


My Dear Killer (SIDE A):

1. Daffodils
2. Clinical Shyness
3. The Right to Ask
4. Due
5. Frozen Lakes
6. Nighttimes
7. Stolen Teabags
8. Good Night
Bob Corn (SIDE B):
1. Shake Around the Fool [Larry Yes]
2. Lost in the Mirror
3. Love Turns Around
4. My Sweet We're Bright
5. I Am Waking Up to Us [Belle & Sebastian]
6. Play for Me
7. She Floated Away [by Hüsker Dü]
8. Red Between Blacks






Recorded live at La Sauna, Varano Borghi, Italy,
on the 25th of April 2013 by Yed Viganò, Enrico Mangione and Andrea Cajelli.

Mixed and mastered by MdK at MafarKa BoX.

Artwork by Matteo Uggeri from an idea of My Dear Killer.


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DESCRIPTION: To those familiar with so-called underground, or indie, or independent music scene, talking about Italian songwriters would generate a sensation in between horror and disgust and crying for mercy, reminding and recalling of awful radio shows, lift and waiting room music, the Sanremo festival and possibly Eurovision. Outside the country border, the situation would seem even worst (unless you ever heard of Piero Ciampi, then skip to the next paragraph), amongst a bunch of unnameable and unpresentable act/singer, that as in a famous record shop in Bruxelles were stored in the “world music” shelve, together with Yanni and Yossou Ndour. However, sometimes, there are Italian songwriter that has nothing to do with the above (sadly well earned) clichés; they might even sing in English, but are few. Hence, if two of them happen to meet for a gig (which is a rare event in any case), that’s something quite extraordinary.

“Canzoni in silenzio” is the history of an evening of one year ago. The 25th of April 2013, at La Sauna of Varano Borghi (Lakes’ Land), My Dear Killer and Bob Corn, two of the pioneers of DIY production and alternative song-writing in the Italian scene, shared the stage, or better, the floor, in a gig that was part of the itinerant, house show based festival entitled “Sottovoce: concerti fatti in casa”, only playing guitar and singling, and going through material coming either from their previous records or novel, and some borrowed from other acts. Although the two projects started in the same period of time, they have grown to develop rather divergent and distinct styles over the years. The recordings of this gig appeared as an almost unique occasion to freeze on tape such a relaxed, laid down and close-to-secret event, to a few a more people and compare the different attitudes of the two acts.

“Canzoni in Silenzio” is the result of these recordings: a sort of continuous flow trough the entire evening, in between dark and more solar episodes, like the two faces of a coin, or a cassette tape, as in this case. Nothing more, nothing less.




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Matteo Uggeri

Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

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