Maurizio Bianchi & Sparkle in Grey Nefelodhis
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1. The Sky Gets Grey
2. Rainy Clouds under the Sun: I Cirrum
3. Rainy Clouds under the Sun: II Nubilus
4. Rainy Clouds under the Sun: III Cumulum
5. The Unpredictable Weather: I Stratus
6. The Unpredictable Weather: II Cumulum Nembum
7. The Last Cloud
8. The Beauty of Clouds Seen from Above




Recorded by Matteo Uggeri
Mixed by Matteo Uggeri
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi


Cold Current Productions
Musica di un Certo Livello

DESCRIPTION: In 2003 Maurizio Bianchi and Matteo Uggeri/Hue meet through Afe records; three years after Maurizio asked Hue for a musical collaboration, that grew up quickly until the design of a long term project called Between the Elements.
Nefelodhis album was then recorded in few days in a totally improvised session where Sparkle in Grey, the enseble of Alberto Carozzi (guitar, bass), Cristiano Lupo (piano, guitar, drums), Franz Krostopovic (violin) and Hue (laptop), played melancolic melodies on the mysterious analogic and a-rhytmical soundscapes provided by MB. The results of these sessions, recorded into the factory where Sparkle in Grey are used to have their rehearsal, was assembled and mixed by Hue himself.
The album is a desperate but dreamy picture in sounds of the concept of clouds (in greek 'Nefelodhis' means 'cloudiness') and, after the careful mastering of Giuseppe Ielasi, sounds like a trip through the wet lands made of vapour.

>>> This is the sister album of Erimos, by MB, Hue and Fhievel, and it's part of the Between the Elements quadrilogy.

REVIEWS: Rockerilla, Vittore Baroni for Rumore and others...

"A timeless masterpiece" PROGARCHIVES (Philippe Blace)

"I discovered recently the album 'Nefelodhis' you recorded with Sparkle In Grey. It's a very interesting one, and a very good idea to put your electronic sounds with more "classical" rock sounds. "Rainy Clouds under the sun: Cirrum" is a perfection." Eric Duboys

[...] Obviously, "Nefelodhis" can't miss in a any MB collection, since it's one of the best accomplished and most interesting releases in the Italian industrial prime mover's second artistic life [...] Sparkle in Grey, on their side, proved to be a well-worth listening too, intriguing enough and far from the consolidated stereotypes of their genre. (Filthforge)

Maurizio Bainchi and Sparkle in Grey: Nefelodhis

Grey Sparkle


Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

Matteo Uggeri

Sparkle in Grey

Matteo Uggeri

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